A professional application for call centers to inform, make Demand Responsive Transport  reservations and manage Customer Relation services

Mobility advisors in charge of Customer Relation in call center or commercial agencies, have to ensure multiple missions, in short times while on the phone or physical presence with the customer: information, Demand Responsive Transport service reservation… but they also have to organize associated operation resources, the management of customer claims… Optycall provides them with handy tools to efficiently and serenly work in a fast paced environment.


A tailored tool for mobility centers advisors

optYcall is a professional application to manage Information services but also Demand Responsive Transport services (DRT) dedicated to transport advisors working in what we call mobility centers (call centers dedicated to manage people mobility providing information on different modes available within a territory). It has been designed to answer the needs of transport advisors working in call centers or commercial agencies in order to optimize efficiency and ease customer relation follow-up.

4 functionnal sections are provided:

  • Information: used to inform transit traveler on all the mobility offers available (trip planning, schedules, on-going disruptions, service, fares…), with a full integration of our multimodal/intermodal trip planner optYgo. User Experience Design dedicated to cross-disciplinary functions contexts is deploy to make the application as user friendly as possible
  • Demand Responsive Transport: allows the management of DRT reservations and the associated operation services (optimization of resources, service demand aggregation, roadmaps edition, roadmaps transmission to drivers, monitoring of really operated runs follow-up…)
  • Customer Relation: daybook function for claims and customers’ files treatment and follow-up
  • Statistics: available on all the activities handled by the call center or the commercial agency (number of reservations or claims, return or non-return rates, treatment time…)

These functional sections can all be implemented at once, or one-by-one according to your project needs..

An application designed for a multi-advisor use

  • This online application can be used from any computer connected to the Internet according to a secure Internet access
  • Several advisors can successively have hands on a customer file (to treat a claim, modify a reservation…); All interventions done on the application are saved and others can see what actions have been done by another advisor
  • Different stakeholders of the concerned transport network (transit Authority, operators, Drivers…) can have a specific access (according to access rights definition) to remote information in real-time (overview of current reservations, claims follow-up, active roadmaps…),

Certification NF345 Customer Relationship Center

Client case study

Integrated mobility in the French Oise County

Oise Mobilité

The Oise Mobility center ensures all the Customer Relation Management services for the Authority ( The Syndicat Mixte des Transports de l’Oise – SMTCO), from Information to Smart Ticketing after-sale services.

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icon-1 Optycall is interfaced with public transport websites to allow online DRT reservation services for travelers


icon-2 Optycall uses the power of the optYgo intermodal trip planner for the mobility advisors to know exactly what transport offers are available for a requested trip taking into account the specific rules that apply in each specific case (concurrence rules between modes for example)