Cityway and Transdev are experimenting a carpooling service integrated to the public transportation network.

Everyday, vehicles are entering cities with available seats. The occupancy rate of the cars is just above 1!

And at the same time some areas are very hard to serve by classic public transportation means.

Cityway has imagined that the sum of all these cars could create fixed routes, that would complete the traditional public transport offer.


How does this really works?

We first study the public transport offer, and the road traffic in each areas of the city in order to define the need for new services. The goal is to propose carpooling routes that follow drivers’ usual trips, so that they don’t have to make detours.

The stops are then defined along the carpooling route, as it would be for classic bus lines.

Drivers who wish to share their cars on all or part of their trips register on the Fleetme application, defining the trip they propose, their schedules, and the days on which they are avaibale.

Riders use the same application. They can book their trip in advance, or buy their trip at the last minute and go straight to the stop. On the Fleetme app, they can follow in real-time vehicles declared to be on the carpooling route.


1st step : full-scale experiment in 2016

3 networks are testing Fleetme in 2016: Auxerre, Avignon and Beauvais in France.

The marketing of Fleetme is planned for 2017.