Chronopro is a transit solution that aims at serving business areas on demand. It optimizes the proposed solutions in real time by taking into account all users requests.

  • Benefits for the traveler: shorter wait times and reduced travel times.
  • Benefits for the network: optimization of the resources.

How does this work?

The network defines a Hub – a connection point with the business area they want to serve – which will be the departure of the Chronopro Shuttle and the connecting point with the regular transit network.

chronopro_carto zone et hub  



In order to reach its destination within the business area, the traveler first takes a regular bus, tram or train to the Hub.

During the ride he goes on the Chronopro App and he chooses the Stop he wants to go to (among the predefined stops in the business area).

When he arrives at the Hub he just has to catch the Shuttle that will bring him to the requested Stop.

Chronopro_visu aller_enregistrement arrêt destination
chronopro_visu_retour_chronopro arrive 17H13



The return trip is as simple: when the traveler is ready to go, he requests for a Shuttle at his Stop on the Chronopro App.

The system then organizes the Shuttle’s itinerary, taking into account the other requests from travelers.

A few minutes before the Shuttle arrives, the traveler receives a notification on his phone.

The Shuttle takes him to the Hub where he can go back to using the regular transit network.


Chronopro is currently being tested in Vitrolles and Beauvais (France).

Its marketing is expected to begin at the end of 2016.