Demand Responsive Transportation Services & alternative “mobilities”

Mobility is undergoing a digital revolution: classic transit services cannot answer all emerging needs; personal car is saturating cities and main road networks. Our journeys are most often organized at the last-minute… The future will bring flexibility, a decreasing need of owning a vehicle, an important will to share (cars or bikes) and the necessity to organise these new mobility patterns in real time with a collaborative approach…In short: Smart Mobility !

Smart Mobility has always been in Cityway’s DNA. Today we combine everyday conventional solutions via call centres – which remain essential for part of the transit network operators – with the most innovative solutions based on the use of Smartphone and the co-generation of the service :

  • Optycall, solution dedicated to call center mobility advisors, to manage multimodal journey information, Demand Responsive Transport Reservations and CRM,
  • Fleetme, short distance real time ridesharing service activated in real time
  • Chronopro, a new dynamic concept of Business/Industrial Activiity zone service

A remaining priority: foster complementarity and intermodality between conventional public transport solutions and emerging Smart Mobility services.


Demand Responsive Transport & call centers

An application dedicated to call center professionals to inform, organize DRT service reservations and manage all customers’ needs.

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Fleetme le covoiturage intégré au réseau TC

Service de covoiturage courte distance déclenché en temps réel via une appli. Ou comment la voiture individuelle se met au service de la mobilité de tous !

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Application to organize on-demand real time Business and Activity Zone services.

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