Saint-Etienne, on the way to Mobility as a Service

Transdev Group operates Saint-Etienne network (STAS, France) and has been engaged for many years in a digital mobility policy, in partnership with the agglomeration of Saint Etienne Metropole and Cityway

The aim is to promote transport services through a website, applications for smartphones and even an application for Apple Watch.

The overall objective is simple: ensure a real Mobility as a Service,  from information to service access  (sale of travel ticket, opening of parking barriers, unblocking of self-service bicycles….)


Saint-Etienne Area :logo_moovizy_350

  • 45 towns
  • 400 000 inhabitants
  • 600 km²

It’s a multimodal area:

  • Public transports (STAS, TIL42)
  • Trains
  • Self-service bicycles
  • Planes
  • Car-sharing ….


Moovizy, new transport app

In June and July 2016, the European Football Cup took place in France and in Saint Etienne area. In order to welcome visitors under the best conditions and to make their trips easier, the Metropole and the STAS network had the idea to develop an innovative application : Moovizy, 2016 innovation public transport  awarder !

Challenges and objectives

  • Insure a real time multimodal information
  • Inform of alternative trip solutions
  • Make purchase of travel tickets easier 
  • Use innovative digital technologies, token of attractiveness and performance.

Mean functionsmoovizy_main_banniere-1-300x253

  • Real time Information and multimodal trip planner (bus, tramway, train, plane, car, car park P+R, personal and self-service bicycles…)
  • Purchase, download and validation of travel tickets on smartphone ;  P+R access via QR Code

Innovations and services improvements:

  • All customer path is insure by the app : from transport solutions search to purchase and validation of travel tickets.
  • All modes of transport are taken into account and optimize according to traveler preferences.
  • Purchase of travel tickets is available 24/7, anywhere.

Future developments under construction

    • Purchase of mix travel tickets (multi network)
    • Self-service bicycles access
    • Diffusion of informative message or advertisement from e beacons (push notifications)
    • Integration of cab and car sharing

Technical architecture:

  • Technical architecture (Cityway) is designed to manage millions of data, process every day.


Moovizy press kit (June 2016)

Project presentation video below : 



One of the first transport networks to have an application on Apple Watch

As soon as Apple Watch arrived in France, the STAS network launched its application. This application enables new possibilities regarding connected information all along travels.


What is the interest of a transport app on Apple Watch ?

  • Travelers’ needs and practices regarding information, purchase of tickets and travel help change. That’s why transport networks have to permanently adapt. In order to remain attractive, transport networks have to innovate! 
  • The app on Apple Watch develops for STAS enables to measure travelers interest for this kind of service / how travelers use it. This application could be deployed for other networks.

Mean functions:

  • Nearby transport information:
    • Thanks to geo-tracking, the app detects and offers the 4 closer stops: name, localization on the road map and distance in relation to user position.
    • By selecting a bus stop, the user is immediately informed of the tome that the bus/tramway will arrive. By clicking on the road map, the app guides the user to the selected bus stop.
  • Nearby points of interest information:
    • Thanks to geo-tracking, the app detects and offer points of interest closed to the user during his travel: name, localization on the road and distance in relation to user position.
    • By clicking on the road map, the app guides the user to the selected point.

Technical prerequisite:

  • To use the STAS app on Apple Watch, users have to download the last version of Iphone app. The synchronization is automatically done between mobile and watch
  • User has to keep his smartphone close to his watch; this is an apple special feature. 
  • Apple Watch is compatible with iPhone 5C and more and requires at least the 8.2 iOS version.