Triplinx – Greater Toronto and Hamilton area Regional Intermodal Trip Planner provided by Metrolinx

Metrolinx, an agency of the Government of Ontario has chosen Cityway to implement and operate the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area hosted Regional Transit Traveler Information System (RTTIS). The system named Triplinx is a collaborative initiative between Metrolinx and 11 GTHA transit providers including:

  • GO Transit and UP Express
  • Municipal transit providers
    • Brampton Transit
    • Burlington Transit
    • Durham Region Transit (DRT)
    • Hamilton Street Railway (HSR)
    • Oakville Transit
    • Milton Transit
    • MiWay (MiWay)
    • Toronto Transit Commission (TTC)
    • York Region Transit (YRT/VIVA)

Triplinx uses official, up-to-date service information provided directly by the participating transit providers to ensure trip plans are as accurate as possible, and to encourage people to explore the network of transit services available across the region. It also provides schedule, fare, service and other information for the participating transit and paratransit agencies – including information to help navigate around the region during the Pan Am/Parapan Am Games.

Triplinx is aimed to provide a consistent intermodal travel experience across GTHA using new technologies: a complete web portal with a intermodal trip planner (bus, coach, train, bike, personal car…), mobile phone solutions (mobile/tablet website and Smartphone Apps for iPhone, Android, Black Berry, Windows Phone) and other value added services to be provided to travelers as, SMS alerts for traffic disruptions, real-time bus/coach/train passing times service and an efficient interactive mapping display using the latest technologies. All the data gathered will be part of the Open Data approach of Metrolinx and will be provided to third party users.

Triplinx has been launched on tuesday May 19th and is in its first stage. It is an opened system that will by highly evolutive to meet citizens, Metrolinx and its parners’ expectations. Cityway will be working closely with them in order to provide the most efficient and reliable system.

Triplink, an innovative system




A new version of the website was launched in February 2017

Challenges and objectives

  • provide a consistent intermodal travel experience across GTHA using new technologies
  • increase the attractiveness and usability of transit services in the region
  • support transit travelers who travel across service boundaries
  • create a collaborative framework for sharing data among Transit Agencies, and to facilitate the export of aggregated data to third parties


  • intermodal multi-partner trip planner Optygo fed by a multimodal muli-partner reference database created and managed using Optybase
  • each transit provider or transport operator handles its own datasets and uses the optybase portal to share is new dataset in the multi-partner system
  • a Metrolinx administrator ensures the communication between all the partners, the coordination of all the operations and the interconnection of the data
  • The RTTIS reference database comprises Point of Interest data (local landmarks, equipments, events…) which can be used as a starting/arriving point in a trip planning search