Efficient information management during disruptions

To operate a road or transport network on a daily basis it is necessary to know in real-time the disruptions occurring on this specific territory. Cityway has developed an application which efficiently manages information during road or public transport network disruptions, called Geovents.

This multi-user web application allows all the stakeholders involved in road traffic and transit operations management to handle easily disruption alert information (whether they are scheduled or not as road works vs incidents/accidents or special events). Geoevents tool allows them to enter events’ descriptions along with the consequences and their impact on the overall road/transit system.
Once entered into the system, disruption information is then broadcasted to accurately target the concerned recipients (authorities, operations, passengers or travellers) using different medias and specific rules.


Entry of a new event

Objective: all involved actors in a transport network operations encountering an event should be able to signal it quickly to other operational teams (call center, operation, Executive teams…) providing them with necessary information sufficient to manage the disrupted situation.

Geoevents is a user-friendly full web shared application. The Geoevents system can also be used on mobile devices for controlers working on the ground.To enter an event and its consequences in the system, the user has the possibility to manage:

  • The categorization of the events (road works, route deviations, strikes, weather etc.) and their impact on road/transit traffic allowing
  • The selection of the recipients according to the nature of the disruption, the governance hierarchy to be informed and involved in the disruption information process
  • The monitoring of the event evolution and extension of the recipients list according to its critical nature (maintaining the information at the operator level or contacting other divisions or a higher authority/transit agency)
  • The visualization and search of ongoing events on an interactive map allowing to better pinpoint the event and have a quick access to the detailed information
  • The users’ rights to provide all the stakeholders with specific access rights according to their specific profile and their responsibilities within the process
  • The weather events can either be treated in a separate tab, or be fully integrated in the road/transit event management environment

In order to avoid any mistake during the input stage, event categorization and recipient selections are done using drop down menus and specific rules that are set up at the beginning of the project. The list of events is shown in order to display the details or modify the consequences, while keeping the history of events.

Broadcasting disruption information

Information is entered and then broadcast through email and/or SMS to the various targeted recipients, using group dissemination method according to the severity of the event. The input stage is optimized depending on the dissemination format (email or SMS) and messages can be viewed in real time by all users.

Geoevents has its own management functionalities for dissemination lists creation, territory definition and broadcast statistics. Disruption information can be rerun (and potentially adapted to the dissemination format) for a broadcast on websites, mobile phones, wayside dynamic display panels (for road info or travelers information), broadcasted on radio or using Interactive Voice Response systems, social networks (twitter, Facebook…)


Events follow-up

Geoevents offers the administrative user the ability to complete and modify information throughout the event life

  • Pre-filled scenario management allows the creation of different templates that can be used and modified quickly, depending on the type of event, which quickens the event entry into the system
  • Follow-up and real time update of the events and their consequences (duration, impact, etc.).

Client case study

Oise Mobilité: Multi-operator wayside dynamic information management

Oise Mobilité

The Oise Mobility Agency manages all the wayside dynamic display panels that are deployed throughout the Oise County. Real-time information is broadcasted on wayside panels as well as within the different multimodal interchange terminals available in the County.

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icon-1 Geoevents provides the ability for the administrative user to create and manage users’ rights and profiles

This is made to provide a wide range of users with restricted rights as information entering and description, and give to trained authorized administrative users the rights to control/rewrite/publish the content of a specific event to the end users.

Geoevents fexible designed can either be used to answer the needs of a single Transit Agency/Transport company or be used as a key disruption alert management tool in a multi-partner environnement (Local/Regional/State level)