Operating and managing public transport disruptions

Tracking and supervising a fleet of vehicles in real-time allows a better quality of service and more efficient operations:

  • Drivers system sign-on verification and ahead/behind times monitoring
  • Disruption reported immediately
  • Continuous contact with drivers
  • Rational driving assistance
  • Ex-post analysis of fleet services and operations adjustements

We offer a complete range of tools to operate:

  • On board and ground passenger information
  • Multimodal transit terminals
  • Operating statistics

We know that the operation of transit disruptions and their management are at the heart of a public transport service running and that the implementation of new operation tools is a real transport company project. For this reason we accompany our customers all the way from the prepartion to the deployment process.

Our CAD/AVL & Multimodal interchange terminal management systems

The implementation and the operating of a Computer Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Localization (CAD/AVL) system require precise and exhaustive data. To manage daily operations of a transport company, the CAD/AVL system needs to be organized around the company’s information flow, while indentifying precisely the data sources and the role of each actor working on the system.

It’s the same for Multimodal interchange terminal management system allowing vehicle arrival and departure flow organization on a constrained space. The multimodal transit terminal dispatcher needs to have access to an efficient tool, set to help him to easily manage the schedule arrival/departure data of all the vehicles (concerning several operators) on a daily basis, to organize a smooth communication to passengers. Information is provided using dynamic display panels and voice annoucements.

From scheduled to real-time data, the deployment of such systems is complex and requires a constant follow-up to ensure the quality of the service provided to:

  • The passenger willing to have the most accurate information while on the move
  • The transport company to know in real-time the status of operations
  • The transport authority to have an overview of the services provided by its operator(s) and the quality offered to the citizens


Because our company has always worked with and for the transport network operators, we are able to assist you in the deployment of such complex systems, and to develop appropriate interfaces to communicate with the system already existing within the company’s departments:

  • Operation services/methods of the transport network
  • Marketing and Customer Relation Management
  • Bus depot and workshops
  • Industrial producers of embedded systems on buses and coaches (as counting, ticketing, CCTV systems…)


Please, do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with the best solution to suit your project’s needs




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