A transport oriented CMS, with professional modules to create an appealing website

It has become essential to use internet-based media to inform travelers about the existing transport offer within a specific area. The internet user is expecting much more from the service than just getting static traveler information. They are willing to buy their transport ticket (or reload their smartcard), get customized e-services and connect the website to other media, including social networks.

Offering a web-based public transport service requires a wide understanding of regulations, information and communication technologies, as well as a real knowledge of the habits and expectations of Internet users. All of this needs of course to be in relation with the public transport context and more widely the mobility of people context.


On the travelers’ side: all the commercial agency services without the hassles

Optyweb allows the provision of useful services to travelers:

  • Providing detailed information and documentation for download: schedules, general information, maps, tickets and fares
  • Maximize the navigation experience in as few clicks as possible
  • Contact form
  • Access to social network feeds
  • Remote sale services

On your marketing service side: an easy to use and efficient Content Management System (CMS)

Cityway’s CMS is user friendly and well suited for online customer information management:

  • Publication of detailed information and documentation for download: schedules, general information, maps, tickets and fares
  • Management of news and traffic disruption information (announcement publication and sending of SMS/email alerts to registered users)
  • On the fly web page or content section creation
  • Previsualization and archival storage of created contents…
  • Remote management of the system (the CMS is a fullweb tool) and multi-user use (with access rights management to provide specific rights to specific users: contributors, readers, full administrator)


Transport offer tailor-made website to suit the requested functionalities

Whether you are a transport operator or a public authority, the optYweb website will be adapted to integrate all the functionalities required to suit your expression of requirements. From basic features to present static information to high level computing power with the implementation of the trip planner optYgo, your website can start simply and become a very powerful tool. Our ability to interface any third party system, allows us to provide value added services as real-time bus passing times (in connection with any type of CAD/AVL systems), online ticket purchase, online smartcard reload (interfaced with any Smart Ticketing service of any industrial provider) and much more.

A customized service

Cityway and its multidisciplinary teams (UX designers, graphic designers, computer engineers and quality control team) will guide you through the creation of your website, from a simple expression of requirements, all the way to the website referencing and SEO services. You can easily manage the overall content of your website and fulfill your customers’ expectations by using our optYweb application, a turn-key tool.


icon-1  Acessibility and Responsive Web Design

A website providing information on a public service such as public transport must respect Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) rules and Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) accessibility criteria, in order to provide information accessible to sensory impaired people. Our UX Designers specifically work to place the human at the heart of the design process of our solutions, to make sure that they are easy-to use for all. Developed using the Responsive Web Design approach, our solutions foster the quality of display on any type of mobile device (PC, smartphones, tablets)

icon-2  Normalized and open tool , serving a comprehensive marketing mix

Customers’ practices as well as technological standards are in constent evolution. To meet new expectations and opportunities coming up every day, our sites are developed in a normalized and open approach. They use Open Source libraries, are able to exchange with other information systems or be interfaced with market systems as Sales Force (interfacing contact form of the website with the CRM section of Saels Force)