Edition of schedules/timetables

Despite the development of digital information systems, paper documents as schedules brochures and guides remain essential for passengers and operators.

The preparation of schedule grids is most of the time done using a database dedicated to this specific paper media. That implies the duplication of data entry on all the databases that will be used for the different information systems (scheduling for operations as CAD/AVL systems, database to run a trip planner…) with the risk of increasing the inconcistency of the broadcasted information.

Optyprint allows the formalization of schedules grids edition using a unic source database to feed all the information systems with the same transport offer data.


Information consistency

Our tool optYprint

  • use the database fed by the planning and scheduling tools of the transport network: avoid a rupture in data management chain, less input errors
  • has import, test and visualization management features: quality control of broadcasted information

Content management

The administrative user can define

  • Information types according to schedule grids templates

For each schedule grids template, (schedules sheet, brochure or stop pole posts, all or specific lines…) are associated with general information that will also be presented on the schedule grids of this particular template: network name, transport operator, valid operational period and calendar

  • Period types of operation

Allowing the extraction of the transport database, schedule grids per validity period while defining precisely the operational calendar that applies and the operating days to be displayed.

Adapted publishing process

  • Style sheets are defined at the tool initialization and for each particular schedule grids template

This way the schedule grid layout can be differenciated according to the related line types (all network lines,school bus lines only…)  and/or the document types (schedules, brochure, posts at bus stop…).

  • Administrative user can choose for each edition the format he is willing to use:
    • High resolution PDF format to be sent to a printing company
    • HTML format for web display
    • CSV format (with no applied styles) for internal operation work for example.


icon-1  Even when the transport offer is changing, scehdules grids can be updated globaly or line per line and very quickly


icon-2 Optyprint generates files to be used right away by printing companies