Mobile multimodal and real-time information for travelers

optYmob is a set of different mobile solutions dedicated to provide traveler with multimodal information systems while they are on the move. These solutions accompagny travelers before and during their trips: it becomes easy to find the most efficient and reliable transport solution at the last minute, receive instant traffic disruption alerts, confirm a connection or find the nearest bike-sharing station to make the last mile to your destination.

For the traveler, they represent a convenient and stress-free way to get to know the existing intermodal transport solutions close by while they are on their way and to adjust their trip anytime, in real-time, using their most favorite device.

To work, all these solutions are connected to the Multimodal Information reference database which combines scheduled and real-time data. The real-time public transport data is provided by the existing CAD/AVL systems available on a given area.


Mobile website and Smartphone applications

Mobile Internet

Since all our latest websites are developed using the Responsive Web Design approach, they are all optimized to provide the best display on all type of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, mobile…). All the most convenient features are available: nearby transport offer, intermodal trip calculation, schedules and real-time next bus passing times, traffic disruptions, interactive maps…


Smartphone applications

Our Smartphone applications offer all the features available on Internet and mobile Internet but also take into account the embedded power of such devices allowing:

  • the traveler’s GPS position to offer nearby transport offer and services
  • the provision of accessible information for people with disabilities (using embedded voice synthesis software)
  • the provision of an efficient pedestrian guidance
  • the ability to consult “off line” information as schedules, maps of the transit lines…

Our applications are available on the Apps Stores, itunes, Android Market and Windows Phone Store.

SMS services

Traffic disruption alerts using SMS

optYmob also offers a disruption alert service using SMS (and email) which is able to send targeted information according to the traveler’s preferences (timeslot, day, lines used…).

SMS+ (on demand SMS)

With the SMS+ service, travelers can request information on the next bus passing times on their stop, in real-time by sending a simple SMS including the code they will find at their stop. Then, they immediately receive a SMS including the next bus passing times and information on ongoing traffic disruption on the corresponding lines if any. This is a very useful and convenient solution which also benefits from the universal use of SMS.

2D Code and NFC Tags

2D Code (QRCode)

This service can be used by any traveler having a mobile phone with a camera. By simply scanning a 2D Code/QRcode found at the stop, the traveler can access the real-time information on Next Bus Passing Time at his stop. The requested information will be displayed on a mobile website under the heading “Next Bus Passing times”.


For mobile phones equipped with a Near Field Communication chip (NFC), an additional service is provided, making access to information even easier. The traveler simply scans, by approaching is mobile phone to the RFID sticker with and will again have access to the real-time Next Bus Passing Time and eventual ongoing traffic disruption alerts.



icon-1  Each single mobile solution we have created can be deployed one-by-one or as a full offer in order to meet your request.


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