Management of travelers’ information on dynamic display panels

Optybiv offers public transport networks and authorities to remotely manage traveler information broadcasted on wayside dynamic display panels. Information displayed can either be, scheduled information (in connection with a static scheduled transport database) or taking into account the real-time feeds (ahead/behind times) provided by an interface with one (or several) CAD/AVL systems or other mobility related systems, available on a specific territory, which  can provide real-time information as: availability of parking slots, number of available bikes at a given bike sharing station and so on….


Manage information broadcasted on wayside dynamic display panels

Optybiv allows the broadcast:

  • By default, of the scheduled transport offer à partir de a static scheduled database
  • If interfaced with one our several CAD/AVL systems, of the real time next bus passing times at stops and the ongoing disruption alerts provided by the interfaced systems
  • Depending on your project, if interfaced with road, or any other mobility related systems, we will be able to broadcast specific information display to suit your need: road work information, traffic info, bike-sharing/parking/carsharing real-time information…

optYbiv standard offer provides information on:

  • The line concerned
  • The vehicle destinations
  • Departure times
  • Any delays calculated by CAD/AVL systems (if available)
  • event-related information in regards to the transport network operating

An efficient and scalable management tool

optYbiv is based on simple communication principles with remote dynamic display devices (either panels or screens) deployed in urban and interurban areas. It requires no equipment other than those dynamic displays panels.

Implementation is quick and easy:

  • Integration of the transport offer scheduled database
  • Interfacing with the wayside display panels protocols
  • If necessary, interfacing with the transport network CAD/AVL system(s) (if any)
  • Administrtive user training to manage and use the system

Wayside display equipment are connected to the central system using GPRS connection.

Information broadcasted to display panels is automatically sourced from the the scheduled transport offer database.
If equipped with a CAD/AVL system, the solution uses this system GPS positions to determine the ahead/behind times for each vehicle and update the broadcasted info.

In terms of system administrtion:

  • the administration tool is a fullweb application which can be used from any computer connected to the Internet
  • Administrative users can anytime, remotely control the broadcasted information on each specific display panels wherever they are (yc in urban, regional or wider areas, and also check on each device system status.

The ease of use of the administration tool promotes the highest reactivity to broadcast information related to disruption alerts. This reactivity is essential while travelers are waiting for their transport solution to arrive. They will be reassured to know what’s going on and wether or not they still have to wait.



icon-1  According to your project’s needs Cityway can also provide wayside dynamic display panels autonomous in energy which do not require electrical connection


icon-2 Today, Cityway is able to communicate with most of the dynamic display panels supplier of the market to provide real-time or scheduled passenger information