Information and data qualification

Multimodal but also Intermodal passenger information is the key for a successful journey experience combining several modes. It must enhance the traveler’s comfort and convince him to renew this experience:

  • Upstream of the journey, the objective is to help travelers find the solutions that will suit their needs and constraints
  • During the journey, the goal is to guide, reassure and accompany them in case of unexpected disruptions on their way while on the go

Our software solutions support:

  • Scheduled and real-time multimodal information, in web, mobile and call center contexts
  • Management of traffic disruptions, trip recalculation taking into account the disturbed situations, engaging all transport modes including walk, transit, personal car, bike, carpool, ridesharing, bike sharing, ferries, flights…

According to your needs, we help you from the creation of your databases all the way to the operating of information and customer relationship services, in order to provide travelers with the best solutions to answer their mobility needs


Our Information Services

The implementation and the operating of an Information System dedicated to Mobility requires bringing together:

  • Partners and organizations coming from different businesses (transit, road and traffic management, Geographic Information System…)
  • Data of different origins, nature and formats
  • Operating tools of different business units or organizations (GIS, scheduled information systems, operating systems…)


Cityway’s teams are working closely with you in order to ensure the project coordination but also, depending on your needs and will, manage all or part of the database creation and operating, interface the information system with business unit tools, ensure the support and technical maintenance of systems and even the daily management of customer relation: webmastering, call center, Demand Responsive Transport service reservations…


Do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with a tailor-made answer suiting your project’s needs.




A multi-partner application to build and manage a multimodal reference database.

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Web site

Internet has become an essential mean of communication to provide multimodal information services to people in mobility.

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Trip planner

The multimodal/intermodal trip planner for seamless mobilty.

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Mobile solutions

optYmob is a set of different mobile solutions providing travelers with multimodal trip planning information while they are on the move.

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Wayside dynamic information display

Optybiv allows the management of multimodal passenger information to be displayed on wayside dynamic display panels.

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Schedules edition

Despite the development of digital information systems, paper documents as schedules brochures and guides remain essential for passengers and operators.

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