Remote tickets sales

Public transport network websites have become essential components of the customer relationship. Travelers want to find on a single point, exhaustive information, customer support and also purchase tickets. Online sales are rising steadily in volume and proportion in relation to other networks sales channels.

Payweb offers online ticket sales solutions providing the user with the opportunity to buy and/or renew safely 7/7, 24h/24, his transport ticket/pass, without having to go to the sales office. From the basic remote sales service (with dispatch by mail) to the online Smartcard reload, several levels of software solutions can be implemented to meet the needs of each transport network.


Remote sales

This solution is a first level of service for public transport networks not equipped with important Smart ticketing system. The entire fare range of the network can be presented for online sales.


Easy to use, the customer completes his online ticket/pass purchase and will receive his orders by mail. The order treatment remains manual and is handled by the transport network sales department.


  • The user can manage his shopping basket, follow his orders, and pay using the secure banking service. It can attach supporting documents, photos, and dynamically fill out forms. The system can also manage payment schedule…
  • The sales department has the ability to manage fares, track orders and their status, send invoices by email… using a simple and efficient management tool.


Online sales – Smartcard reload

This solution is dedicated for networks equipped with a Smart ticketing system. It requires no special hardware for the user and generates no distribution costs. It is a multi-network, multi-client, multi-card solution.

Once the traveler has a Smartcad for a specific transport network, the system allows him to follow-up his account and reload his ticket/pass online using a computer or a smartphone application.

  • The user can view his account and the tickets associated with his profile which can be reloaded online. An interface with the Smart Ticketing system allows the user’s identification (card number), the validation of the selected reload, the online secure credit card payment process and an access to his account to view orders history.
  • Information is transmitted to the Smart Ticketing central system that updates the rights of the cards on both, on-board and ground ticketing equipments (readers, vending machines, point of sale terminals). The card will be charged at the next validation in the vehicle.


Virtual sales office

Premium solution of the Payweb range, the virtual sales office solution offers to major transport networks, the implementation of advanced functionalities to manage remote sales without the hassles of manual treatments (except for the sending of the Smartcard).  

All purchase operations can be executed online in the convinience of the user’s home. For the sales department, the sales module becomes a real management tool.

  • For the traveler, the solution allows online card application (management of all supporting documents through the application, card reload, tickets load on Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile phone…)
  • For the network, the sales module administration tool allows the setting and monitoring of the system, the follow-up of fare range and products offered for sale, the accounting and statistical analysis.


Client case study

Rouen Metropole Ticket Sales services

Réseau Astuce

The Rouen Metropole online sales service allows travelers to purchase their tickets and reload their Samrtcard in the convinience of their home.

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Masterized interoperability

icon-1 Cityway ensures the interfacing with existing Smart Ticketing systems



 Online sales modules can be implemented for commercial partners of the transport network (Tourism agency, other networks, other operators…)