Ticketing application using QR Code

For transport services with a high touristic or business attendance, seat reservation, online sales and ticket validity control are essential challenges to enhance its quality and efficiency. payPhone answers these challenges allowing the traveler to make his reservation online and to print or charge his ticket on his mobile phone.

The solution includes a remote sales module for users, a validation/control module for the controller/driver and a back office module to administrate the system and supervise sales activity.

Ticket reservation using QR Code secure encryption

Functionalities provided by payPhone are designed for the emission of single ticket with seat reservation:

  • The traveler makes his seat reservation and securely pays his transport ticket using Internet (on his PC or mobile) or a mobile smartphone application.
  • When the transaction is completed, the ticket is delivered as a QR Code via email or directly generated on the smartphone app. QR Code secure encryption  (AES 128 bits) identifies the purchased ticket and information about its validity. The ticket so issued is then legible on the mobile screen or on a paper edition (printed by the traveler),
  • When boarding its transport service, the traveler just has to present his QR Code ticket to the driver. Its validity control is made by the driver or specific contollers using a dedicated Android application which allows the reading (flash) of the secure encrypted QR Code


An efficient leverage for transport networks

This solution provides the transport network with the ability to:

  • Ease ticket control
  • Ensure single validation (to lower fraud)
  • Adapt the offer to the demand, since the number of reservations is known in advance, for transport services that are not fixed, or for services which needs duplication (connections with rail during high attendance peaks for example)
  • Integrate payPhone operating data into an existing ticketing system in order to have a consolidated statistical database

QR code ticket embedded functionalities

payPhone embedded functionalities are the following:

  • Driver system sign on
  • Selection of the line and direction using a drop down menu
  • Validation of a ticket by flashing th QR Code on the paper or on the customer smartphone
  • If validation status is KO, notification of the denial cause
  • Possibility to know the umber of reserved tickets and their status (pending or already validated)

Options can be added according the network equipments:

  • Identification of the agent according to a loggin/password (update of agents file on a FTP server) if a ticketing system is already available
  • Running of the application in off line mode in order to counteract eventual network coverage problems

QR Code Ticket and reservation administration functionalities

The administration tool allows the public network to manage:

  • Export of data (sales and validations) for further processing in Excel or other format
  • Export of data (sales and validations) for integration in a smart ticketing information system
  • Agents updates (drivers) usig a FTP
  • Fare modifications using a specific interface (comig soon)

Additional functionalities are possible according to the exising systems inventory:

  • Implemetation of CSV exports for integration in a smart ticketing system
  • Adaptation of the fare range
  • RSA system encryption (bank standard)
  • Management of fare range between Origin/Destination

Client case study

Online reservation and QR Code tickets

Trans Gironde

To handle the summer crowds on bus lines to the Gironde beaches, the Gironde County transport Authority has implemented an online seat booking and ticket sales system for travelers to book and pay their trip on Internet (either on their PC or their mobile phone). The transport ticket is delivered as a QR Code that can either be printed or presented on the mobile device screen to the controller.


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Masterized interoperability

icon-1  The payPhone solution can be implemented alone or added to an existing ticketing system and no matter the size of the vehicle fleet



The controller application can be downloaded on any Android Smartphone without the need for the Cityway team.