Buy and validate using your mobile phone

M Ticketing service on mobile is revolutionizing the access to public transport:

Benefits for travelers:

  • No more waiting in line
  • Express purchase
  • Service available anywhere, 24/7

Benefits for operators and Public Transit Agencies :

  • Cost-effective sales channels diversification
  • Smoothness of boarding increasing service speed
  • Fast deployment
  • Scalability

The solution is made of a traveler’s purchase interface, a controller’s interface and an administration back office.


Customer’s perspective

The customer buys, downloads and stores one or multiple transport tickets on his mobile. The network on-line store uses a secure payment service.

At the time of travel, he selects one or several tickets to be used on his mobile and validates using the QR Code scan. He can then visualize the different characteristics of the current trip: number of authorized passengers travelling, remaining time for connections…

Note: the application can also work using an e-beacon validation

The customer can also access his purchasing history, obtain evidence of payment or visualize the available ticket balance on his account.

Controller’s perspective

The controlled traveler can display the QR Code of his trip on his mobile’s screen.

The controller scans the QR Code using his own mobile and the result of the control is then displayed on his screen:

  • Control OK, with a reminder of the ticket used and the number of authorized passengers
  • Or control NOT OK, with the reason for denial (expired ticket…).

All scanned QR Codes are stored in the application and then transferred to the server for control statistics edition and compilation purpose.

Note: if needed, the controller can do a simple visual control, according to indications displayed on the traveler’s mobile.

Sales department’s perspective

On the Back-Office, the transport network can set the fare principles, define controllers’ rights and follow the use of the application (purchases, sales, controls…).


Customer case

Vivacité – Auxerre mobilité

vivastore_3 vivastore_2

Since March 2016, the transport network of the Communauté de l’Auxerrois (city of Auxerre –  France) provides to its connected travelers an all-in-one service:

  • Service updates, trip planner and schedules
  • m ticketing service
  • And even digital Literature to download on board!