Transport tickets and passes remote sales

Buying transit tickets or passes shouldn’t be a burden for people willing to use public transport to move around.

In order to ease this buying process, we provide solutions adapted to all use contexts and to all customer profiles:

  • Online and mobile ticket sales
  • Tickets buying and validation on smartphone

We can also help you to insure

  • the relationship with smart ticketing industrials,
  • the operating and the security of the selling/validation services
  • and even the training of your staff.

Our Smart Ticketing services

The implementation and operating of a Smart Ticketing system require (the same is true for any information system) to bring together

  • Different business interlocutors, or even organizations
  • Data of various sources, nature and formats
  • Specific tools relative to each specific business entity/organization

They are quite sensitive and demanding issues due to transactions security that can impact directly travellers’ budget and the overall economy of public transport services.

Cityway’s teams have developed, over numerous projects, a real expertise in Smart Ticketing business industrials collaboration. We are handling interfaces with most of the majors actors’ systems. We are operating test platforms to control and qualify the interoperability of systems and transit tickets.

According to your needs, we can take into account project stakeholders coordination, the management of the database, the systems interfacing, the technical maintenance, the test platform operations, the after sale service and support for customers

Please do not hesitate to contact us so we can provide you with an adapted answer that will suit your project’s needs.



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