Inventing together tomorrow’s trends

Information Technologies as well as the mobility habits are in perpetual evolution.

Tomorrow’s challenges are beyond the boundaries usually encountred when it comes to modes of transport, governance or technical innovation. They have to take into account the needs for a seamless mobility without territory barriers and where the intermodality will fairly compete with the all-pervasiveness of the private car.
Today the innovation for Cityway is to promote the combinaison of private and public service solutions (personal car + public transport, public transport + bike or bike sharing, carpooling + walk + public transport ad so on…) while extending the exchanges with third parties informations systems (operations, customer relation, smart ticketing, road traffic control…) to provide the end user with the relevant solutions existing to fulfill his mobility needs.

Only transverse approaches involving public and private operators, manufacturers and telecommunication network operators, technical and  sales teams will allow us all to meet these new challenges and get ready for tomorrow’s technical solutions and test their operating procedures.

Since its creation Cityway has always reserved part of its activity and its human resources for research and innovation projects, in standardization or experimentation. Do not hesitate to contact us to submit your projects, even if it seems to you that it comes in advance over the implementation or a possible call for tender.

Examples of projects carried out

Optimod and Opticities


Two exemplary partners to optimize personal urban navigation

Cityway accompagny the Greater Lyon Area Authority in two major multimodal application research and innovation projects: Optimod’, at the Greater Lyon area level and Opticities, at european scale

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Distributed trip calculation experimentation AFIMB


A pragmatic approach for a long distance multimodal trip calculation

Multimodal Information Systems (MIS) either regional or local, are deployed massively in France and reached to the point where the question regarding the  interoperability of these systems to run multimodal trips calculation concerning different adjacent territories, arises quite naturally.

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CHOUETTE normalization tool


Open Source software and normalization

CHOUETTE is an Open Source Software, has been developed on the initiative of the French Ministry of Transport and sustainable development in order to ease exchange data relative to public transport services.

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